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The Innis (Ennis) House (part 2)

The Innis (Ennis) House is the only remaining historic structure located along the Sunken Road on the National Park’s Fredericksburg Battlefield land.  It was owned by Martha who went by any of three last names: Farrow, Innis and Stephens, based … Continue reading

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Revising the Swale

The software I used to map the parabolic arc of the Minie-ball is Ballistics Explorer V6.4.6. It can be found at The developer was extremely helpful in my quest. I was able to input the muzzle velocity, bullet weight, … Continue reading

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Minie-Ball and its Parabolic Trajectory

The Minie ball, the bullet most identify as the weapon of mass destruction in the civil war, bears the name of French Army Captain Claude -Etienne Minie. He is generally credited with solving the problem of using expanding gasses to … Continue reading

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Muskets and Rifle Muskets

As promised, I have placed all of this together in one place to make it easier to understand: topography, cross-sections and photos. Click on the header bar above under Technical Data. This concludes PART 1 of my research into the … Continue reading

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