Fredericksburg is perhaps best known for that fateful Civil War battle on December 13, 1862. As a volunteer at the Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor’s Center, I became aware that the visiting public was having trouble visualizing the battlefield due to the present day built-up nature of the city. It occurred to me that there must be some way to help folks “see” the 1862 open field terrain as it once was by stripping away the man-made features such as houses, roads, trees, etc. The question was how to accomplish this? This blog is part of that answer.

My goal is not to provide a comprehensive description of the battle. Rather, to look at various interesting parts more deeply. The initial focus is on the terrain. Later we will explore the roads, buildings, and whatever comes to mind.

A little bit about me.  I am retired.  I spent time in the Army and government service with the Corps of Engineers.  Early in my career, I was a combat engineer. I have always had a fondness for maps and a keen interest in terrain. I am also a history buff with long time interest in our American Civil War and WWII, mainly in Europe.   This blog allows me to combine all of these interests and hopefully put them to use.

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