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Martha Stephens House

Martha Ann Stephens, also known by the last names of Farrow and Innis or Ennis or Stevens, is a person of legend in Fredericksburg, a person of contradictions. She could not read or write, yet owned land, a rarity for women in the mid-nineteenth century. She did not have the advantage of family or wealth in the community. Martha was a nonconformist doing things ‘her way’ which frequently caused legal issues. She spoke her mind to whomever she talked to. She may not have even been remembered but for the fact that she owned a home located on the historic Sunken Road. Continue reading

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The Innis (Ennis) House (part 2)

The Innis (Ennis) House is the only remaining historic structure located along the Sunken Road on the National Park’s Fredericksburg Battlefield land.  It was owned by Martha who went by any of three last names: Farrow, Innis and Stephens, based … Continue reading

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