The 1864 Overland Campaign Remembered (2)

I am quickly adding some photos from Sunday, 4 May to this collection of the National Park Service (NPS) events on the 1864 Overland Campaign.  I start with the morning bus tour that focused on looking at the Union armies from where they camped out during the 1863-64 winter around Culpeper, VA and their routes south into the Wilderness. We followed the path of the Union Corps as they approached the Rapidan River crossings.

Bus-tour-(1)--webNPS historian John Hennessey and tour group. Photo by Peter Glyer

Buss-tour-(2)-webRapidan River seen from just upstream of Hwy 3 bridge. Photo by Peter Glyer

This was followed by firing demonstrations. NPS historian Peter Maugle, with expertise in black powder explained to the interested parties the intricacies of civil war era weaponry.

Peter-Maugle-webNPD historian and black powder expert Peter Maugle. Photo by Peter Glyer.

Saunders Field

One of the highlights of the day’s events was a walking tour of Saunders Field where the fighting in the Wilderness erupted around noon, 150 years ago. The following photos are of that event. Over 330 persons participated.

Saunders-Field-(1)-webMoving out on Saunders Field walking tour. Confederate entrenchment berm is seen in the foreground. Photo by Peter Glyer.

Saunders-Field-(2)-webWalking east across Saunders Field. Photo by Peter Glyer.

Saunders-Field-(3)-webView looking west from the Union position towards the Confederate entrenchments located at the treeline in the distance. Photo by Peter Glyer.

Rage of a Home Invaded: The Higgerson Farm.

My last event of the day looked at the impact upon civilians in the region. doing this, we visited the Higgerson Farm located just off Hill-Ewell Drive at tour stop #4. Pamila Higgerson had remained at the farm house. She severely chastised the Union troops as they crossed her property. The uUnion Troops soon returned in retreat. She seemed to have a gleam in her eye according to one soldier.

Higgerson-farm-(1)-webNPS historian Andie Dekoter addressing tour group on Higgerson Farm. Photo by Peter Glyer.

Higgerson-farm-(2)-webHiggerson Farm tour group. Photo by Peter Glyer.

About Peter Glyer

I am retired with a lifelong interest in history, primarily the Civil War and WWII - Europe. I was an Army engineer, hence my interest in terrain. I graduated with a degree in City and Regional Planning and a Masters in International Relations.
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