The 1864 Overland Campaign Remembered

I am expanding from my usual focus on the Battle of Fredericksburg. As a volunteer to the National Park Service (NPS) I am assisting in the NPS remembrance of the 1864 Overland Campaign and its focus on the battles of the Wilderness and Spotsylvania Courthouse. This sesquicentennial event runs from May 3rd to the 26t, 2014.

For this blog, I will focus on the opening day, May 3rd. As I am busy each day, I will add photos and comments on an intermittent basis as time permits.

Opening Ceremony

Opening-Ceremony-(5)-webOpening Ceremony of the NPS remembrance of the 1864 Overland Campaign, 3 May 2014

This event was attended by over 300 spectators plus officials, NPS staff and reenactors.  The gathering took place on the Spotsylvania battlefield at the Bloody Angle.

Opening-Ceremony-(3)-webOpening ceremony, battlements in foreground with Union reenactors in background

The program highlighted acclaimed historian Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr. who provided formal remarks on the Overland Campaign.

Opening-Ceremony-(1_1)-webDr. James I. Robertson, Jr. addresses the Overland Campaign

Grant and the Landscape of War

Walking tour of General Grant’s headquarters and Wilderness Tavern.

Grant-(1)-webAudience listening to NPS historian Eric Mink

Grant-(2)-webHiking along Historic Parker Store road trace

Grant-(3)-webNPS historian Eric Mink addressing walking tour on 3 May 2014

Grant-(4)-webHistoric Wilderness Tavern ruins with walking tour group in background. 3 May 2014

About Peter Glyer

I am retired with a lifelong interest in history, primarily the Civil War and WWII - Europe. I was an Army engineer, hence my interest in terrain. I graduated with a degree in City and Regional Planning and a Masters in International Relations.
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